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f09f9ba0.png Patchnote 1.0

  • Removed CP potions from grocers and summoning crystals.
  • Fixed greater battle heal not taking MP.
  • Fixed relogging chars losing buffs.
  • Fixed can't get PvPs from pets.
  • PvPs will increase during events.
  • Established a system for maximum CP increase, based on PvP points earned. Initially, players gain 1 CP for every PvP point until reaching 1000 PvPs, with diminishing returns thereafter. Certain classes, such as Daggers, Mages, Kamaels, Archers, BDs and SWSs, experience slightly reduced CP gains.
  • Fixed use of aoe skills in events.
  • Made hurricane/flame/frost armors work.
  • Enabled augmentation for Leather belts and higher tiers.
  • Augmenting now doesn't take any Gemstones or any items at all, when it asks for 1 Gemstone C, just drag adena. 
  • Implemented penalties for having two Bishops in the same party, while exempting other support classes like Eva's Saints or Shillien Elders from penalties.
  • Fear can be broken by damage.
  • Enhanced rewards for defeating Champion mobs.
  • Disabled parties in Solo PvP Zone.
  • Snipe and Sharpshooting now lowers your Run Speed a lot instead of making you immobile.
  • Certain skills and magic spells no longer interrupt auto-attack.
  • Removed HP bonuses from shields and sigils.
  • Increased MP consumption for healers when flagged or in PvP Zones.
  • Corrected enchant glows for all Unique (monster) weapons.
  • Resolved various bugs related to siege flags.
  • Reintegrated all skills from Gracia Final into our client.

f09f9ba0.png Patchnote 1.1

  • New Formula added for Class Balance.
  • Fixed Resist buffer stats.
  • Dynasty Jewels Working + Bonus.
  • S-Grade Jewels Working.
  • Fixed Summoners Pet Bug.
  • Fixed Resist buffer stats.
  • Added: Eva's Templar pet.
  • Added: Support Class Reward - PvP Assistance.
  • Added: Additional Character Stats.
  • Added: Debuff Protection.
  • Added: Killing Spree System.
  • Added: Unique Titanium, Dread Weapons.
  • Added: Cloaks, Belts, Brooches, Runes.
  • Added: Forgotten Scroll for each class.
  • Added: True Damage.
  • Added: When the target is bleeding, each attack deals an extra 50 True Damage.
  • Added: Enchant Weapon Bonus per Scroll.
  • Added: Events - Siege Event, TeamVsTeam, Hunting Ground, CTF.
  • Added: Special Reward Coin from PvP.
  • Added: Archer Shoot Delay.
  • Added: Titanium Weapon Active Skill - Sudden Flash.
  • Added: Dread Armor Active Skill - Lex Talonis.
  • Added: Augmenting  System Weapons - Jewels.
  • Added: Upgrade Item System.
  • Added: Tattoos fixed + description (Pride like stats).

f09f9ba0.png Patchnote 1.2

  • Tanks in UD are moveable, but not when in Vengeance.
  • Augment glows have been fixed.
  • Blade Dancers in light armor received a boost and Dance of Protection now provides a party-wide increase in P. Def./M. Def.
  • All races are allowed to sub 'Berserker - Doombringer.
  • Added delays for shout and tradechat.
  • In elf passives - Sprint is better than WW, Spirit Barrier is better than Magic Barrier, slightly.
  • Clan Academies disabled.
  • SwordSinger in light armor received a boost, and Song of Life grants +20% HP to party members.
  • Changed the 'Madness' skill to include a toggle effect, as well as a buff effect that triples all damage inflicted on the target but also reduces their defense/resistance/evade by the same factor, lasting for six seconds.
  • Inventory Bug Fixed
  • All clans now start at level 5
  • Pets will not have the same buffs as the character, but will only receive buffs from their own abilities
  • Updated NPC Viewer
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