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Server Rules


Rules of Server: Evolution World

The punishments listed below are decided by the Administrator, based on the severity of the violation and all related factors. They can vary depending on complaints from other users, the level of danger, and how often the violation occurs. The Administrator can choose to apply a lighter punishment or shorten the blocking period for the user's character/game account at their discretion.


Any violations against Administrator representatives could lead to indefinite blocking of the game character/account.


The user is told and agrees that when they contact Technical Support Service about losing game values, the Administrator can temporarily block their game account or other users' accounts linked to the lost values for up to 7 days to investigate. This blocking might also happen if there are other violations being investigated. The Administrator doesn't promise a positive result and the user understands that values with limited time validity won't be restored after the block ends, nor will their validity be extended.


All accounts owned by one player (including those where there is a unique identifier of the violator) can be punished if rules are violated on any one of them.


Trying to violate the rules may be considered a complete violation.


Ignorance or misunderstanding of the rules doesn't excuse breaking them.


Media shared by other players, such as videos or screenshots, claiming software use, doesn't mean characters get blocked. However, it may lead to additional checks. If we find software automating gameplay, characters can be blocked, confirmed by the Project Administrator.


Posting personal correspondence of players with the Administrator or Project Team correspondence with Support Service on the forum, on third-party sites, instant messengers and other internet resources is prohibited. Violation of this rule gives the Administrator the right to refuse to provide services and support.


The Administrator reserves the right to modify or add to the project's rules at its discretion, without giving additional warnings to players.

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