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Doomcryer class


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need to recheck one more time the class doom Cryer.  
what i mean. he has the same skills like all others server. and that why need one boost. what kind of boost? just to add 3 passive more.
1. two hand mastery lvl 20 ( with that u give on the class change to be hydric healer  warrior ) 
2. a iron body lvl 1 ( with what the class have change vs others class on pvp. ) 
3. master of combat lvl 1 . ( with that u give a change to wear more weapons. ) and that its good on pve. 
both of this passive they dont give somethink big. just give a change to someone to make more builds on the class. 
this is my first report on you. and i have test it in a lot of the server and DC class need it 🙂 


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