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Registration for CBT Gracia Final Improved


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Greetings, players!

We are announcing a call for CBT testers for the Gracia Final Improved server.


  • The exact date of availability of the test server will be published in the closed section (beginning of testing tentatively in Autumn).
  • Files for accessing the test server will also be published in the closed section.
  • The CBT will be held in the format of free testing and you will also be offered tasks for which you can receive a reward.
  • Effective testers will be rewarded, see the list of possible rewards below.

On July 20th, access and applications will not be accepted/issued.


  • Submit the completed form to the @Lirieneth Administrator on the forum.
  • In the subject line write: "Application for participation in the CBT Gracia Final Improved".
  • Leave a request with answers to questions: 
    • Do you have experience playing on Remastered servers and what kind?
    • Do you have experience playing Gracia Final servers and what kind?
    • How much time can you spend on testing?
    • What aspects of the game, in your opinion, need to be tested in the most detail?
  • Those who are accepted into the CBT will be moved to a separate forum group for testers and will have access to a restricted section of the forum.


  • Color on the forum.
  • Unique mounts.

The list of awards is not final.

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