Before MasterWork tanks were relevant only for the Grand Olympiad or in the later stages of the game, when the skill of the class "icon" was learned. However, we have reversed this sad situation. Tank on MasterWork - a full member of the group at any stage of the development of the season. The skills of the "icon" class are divided into levels and learned from level 60, but are not available for use at the Olympiad. There’s an original skill left for her, which is being taught at level 83. Due to the more effective Provocation (Agr) skill in a battle between players, a tank can block a couple of enemy damagers, giving its group an advantage. When hunting monsters, tanks also feel comfortable - Vanguard’s transformation skills now have the attribute of light/darkness.

  • Can move with a 90% penalty
  • Transformation skills are now tied to Holly/Dark
  • Added M. and P. damage, attack speed and casting speed, can be enchanted
  • Icons are learned from level 60, at the Olympiad work from 83rd
  • Icons now do not require charging in the field, only at the Olympiad
  • Does not allow to change the target, less often break mobs and raids
  • Many self buffs are increased to 20 minutes
  • Learned at 60/72/78
  • P. and M. Co-Party Defense +30%, taking 90% of damage
  • Gives protection against M. Crit., increases with enchanting


Archers on MasterWork are not as demanding as in the classic version of the game. Boring exping became more dynamic due to the processing of skills - mass skills became more effective, many useful skills were divided into levels and began to be learned earlier, adjusted the speed of application and recovery of skills, Most combat skills have enchanting branch on the attribute and have increased damage in PvE. Archers fit well in groups with different composition due to useful counter-skills, the overall survival of the class has changed for the better due to underestimated evasion. Redesigned skills and new features from the sets make archetype archetypes more resilient and variable in PvP battles.

  • Current AoE skill, is crit, less cooldown, new enchanting
  • Learns 2 skill levels, now gives 40% M. Evasion
  • Improved enchanting branch, now gives up to 5% M. Evasion
  • Can move with a 90% penalty
  • Many skills are now passive
  • +20% Bow attacks, +100 to range, +40 to speed
  • Chance increasing the speed of the group by 10-40 units
  • Chance increasing the attack rate of the group from the bow by 10-20%
  • Chance increasing shot distance, accuracy, evasion
  • Aside from the bow attack, increases the damage from any Phys. skills


The MasterWork Assassins gained two massive skills that fundamentally altered the ability of this archetype class. It’s not fiction, it’s reality. New skills are also useful in massive PvP battles - they deal a lot of damage and are enhanced by various effects that affect critical damage and recovery speed. They are highly effective in the early stages of the game due to the lack of some high-level skills that are taught from level 56 onwards. Improved Ultimate Evasion (UE) and several new skills greatly increased survivability in mass battles, where previously killers but as units were useless.

  • AoE analogs of Blow-Skills with quick cooldown, enchanted
  • When killing an enemy restores 12% of it's Max. MP
  • With 40 levels, gives Attack Speed and accuracy of Blow skills
  • Now gives 40% M. evasion
  • Many third-level skills from 56 and 72 levels
  • Now it is possible to enchant on the power, higher passage
  • Makes the character invisible to monsters, no limits
  • No more mental attacks, you should press
  • Increases the upper speed limit to 265


Wizards are one of the strongest archetypes originally. We have tried to balance wizards not by weakening the archetype, but by increasing the efficiency of other classes, enabling them to resist magic. It was decided on a scandalous flash (Aura Flash). The meta archetype has been expanded through an attribute system, the mechanics of which allow mages to increase their damage to 20-40%. Last season, a new class was added - Geomancer, Earth Wizard. Gameplay for Dwarf Mage resembles Archmage or Mystic Muse. He is well protected and able to restore health, has a number of unique skills that weaken the opponent over time.

  • The PvP does not knock down the target, but still knocks down cast
  • Increased basic recharge, reduced enchanting gain
  • More lowers, binding to att, higher chance, can be enchanted
  • Now it is possible to enchant, increase ATT from 20 to 50
  • Apply overhit, +25% experience while killing
  • Learned at 79 level
  • Learned at 79 level
  • Learned at 80 level


The Summoners are unusual in gameplay - they are extremely strong in some aspects of the game, and incredibly weak in others. They are top-notch fighters at the Olympiad, but in party games their usefulness is hardly noticeable. At MasterWork, each class of conscripts has a transformation that has the skills of an archer, assassin, or mage, as well as a unique strengthening skill. This allows the conscript to become a full-fledged additional damagger in the group without losing his unique ability.

  • Transformation into archer, adds skills and parameters
  • Transformation to wizard, adds skills and parameters
  • Transformation to assassin, adds skills and parameters
  • Transformation into a tank, adds skills and parameters
  • The skill is used by the character and does not require summon
  • Swaps the summoner with his servant at a distance
  • All summoners live longer, do not consume experience
  • Dark Summoner received party buffs for dagger
  • Dark Summoner received Corpse Burst


MasterWork gives healers the ability to comfortably exp by solos and do extra damage in a group game. New attacking abilities make you feel like a real damager when fighting monsters, but deal 0 damage in PvP. A number of skills of the third profession are broken down by levels and learned much earlier, increasing the effectiveness of the healer in combat. Among others, the Bishop occupies a special place, possessing unique healing skills already at level 56. The Eva's Elders are still indispensable in the whole group. The Shilen's Elder are also useful in all types of groups due to the changes obtained in recent seasons. However, it is still the best support for the physical or incomplete group.

  • Transfer skills after 3d profession: 2 at EE, 2 at Bish, 3 at SE
  • New passive, increases PvP defense from 10-15% AOE damage
  • New skill at EE, reduces the remaining time of debuffs by 30-50%
  • New SE meta through physical damage, useful in PvP and Olympiad
  • The PvE-like skill from the Judicator, does not damage the characters
  • Divided into 2 levels, learned at 70/78 level
  • Many high-level skills are divided into 2-3 levels of study
  • Purify dispels more negative effects, enchants on Range
  • Always costs 59 MP, learn from SE, enchants on Range
  • Major Heal / Vitalize / GBH / Rechar enchants on Range


The Enchanters have retained their authenticity, but have received changes that make playing in the group easier. High-level skills have been divided into several levels and are now being learned earlier, expanding the group’s capabilities at early levels. Prophets can now have amplifying effects on the whole group at once. In addition, sorcerers can effectively develop solo using wolf or combat transformations. The class enhance the group’s overall viability through additional healing skills, new combined effects, and timely rebuff of PvP battle time. Some debilitating skills are actualized - Fear, Poisoning, Mana Storm, and others. Live magician is indispensable for the group, we recommend to get acquainted with all new skills on our Wikipedia.

  • Prophet's mass buffs, new meta of the group game
  • New "Prophecy of..." by the Prophet, including the mass
  • Has an analogue for party buff not to irritate the alliance
  • Learned from level 60, additional heal in the group
  • Restores 15-30% Max HP if target is under orc healing
  • Most third-level skills are taught at early levels
  • Learned from level 40, increases attack speed by 20-40%
  • New combo buffs after 72 level
  • Debuffs that everyone’s forgotten have become relevant
  • Now it is an AoE skill, with a cone 30° in front of itself, attribute of fire


Bard - the most interesting class on MasterWork. We not only made it current and strong, but also solved the perennial problem of finding a bard in the group. Dances and songs are now united in rhythms and are learned equally by both classes. This left a difference in key skills - Medusa Rhythm/Silence Rhythm and Berserker Dance/Song of Purification. The combined effects of the bards make it possible to take an additional damagger into the group, rather than searching indefinitely for the missing bard. In addition, both bards received a unique attribute that will turn the whole group into cute golden pigs and increase the speed of the characters by 20.

  • Skills combine the effects of Dance and Song
  • Duration increased from 2 to 5 minutes (except resists)
  • New meta bard through bow: +200 distance, +795 damage
  • Now it is an AoE skill, a cone of 30° in front of itself
  • Skills relevant in PvP and PvE, worth attention
  • +20 Att Wind, Medusa analogue for better passage
  • Rushes at the enemy, enchants on the Range
  • You can move with a 90% penalty
  • Regroups group members within 1000 radius
  • Transforms the group into a pig and increases the speed of running


The Kamaels appear in the season in early December. They have received a minimal reduction in skill and retain their fighting ability. The Inspector can now become a full main class and participate in the Olympiad. This is a semi-suoport class that is universally suitable for any group composition. Inspector, Berserker and the Soul Breaker have found a new meta of the game through Basic Attack damage, now it makes sense to use not only the same skills, but also to try new tactics in combat. To increase the variety of gameplay, the male and female Soul Breaker class have a separate heroism for winning the Grand Olympiad.

  • Improved enchanting branch, gives up to 5% M./Phys. evasion
  • Added ability to improve on Power + Penalty cancel
  • Many skills have a basic 15% crit chance x2, damage -23%
  • United enchanting brances Power + Cost, Penalty + Cost
  • Removes up to 4 buffs, can be improved up to 8, depends on the level of the target
  • Three branches of enchanting combined into one (Phys, Mag., Lethal)
  • Increased angle, added enchanting branch on Dark
  • Increased chance of passing, improved combination with Checkmate
  • Actual AoE skill, can crit, less cooldown, enchants on Dark
  • Learned at 72/78, works on party-members while they are in the group
  • Bonus gain with enchanting 0-18%

Autoloot and Vitality

Agathion on MasterWork is not a useless toy. All agathion bracelets grant the wearer the feature of automatic selection of items falling out of monsters, except for tinctures and drop from PK and bosses. To activate the autoloote does not have to call agathion, just equip the bracelet.

Buying agathion is not necessary - we added the possibility of getting a temporary bracelet for completing a simple task. Bard Swen in the square in Dion will ask you to find out the fate of the musical instrument, and in return give a 3-hour agathion bracelet. The bracelet is issued in a package.

In addition to the autoloote, one of the agathions restores your Energy points, speeding up your character’s development.

Vitality points are special points that are automatically used to increase the experience you gain from killing monsters. Points accumulate over time or are recovered by special items. From the level of Energy depends on the increase in experience:

If you have an active Premium status, the Energy level will not fall below the first level and you will always get an enhanced experience. In addition, there is a rune of energy that also supports one level. The combination of these two items greatly increases the efficiency of exping.

Season Costumes

Every season special seasonal costumes appear in the Personal Account store. Their difference from ordinary not only in their unique appearance - together with the cotume you get a universal appearance for any type of weapon. Getting these costumes in the game is impossible.

Pay attention! During the season will be introduced no more than 4 types of Legendary Costumes, which correspond to the season - Autumn, Winter, Spring, Summer.

Decorative Costumes

Costumes are equipped in a separate slot inventory and displayed "over" the armor on. In this way you can enjoy the unique look of your character without losing his combat characteristics.
You can try on and buy costume in Giran from NPC Rilay:
  • Full Price - 75 Master Coin
  • If you have a Battle Pass - 50 Master Coin
Battle Pass - a special token that opens access to the expanded range of Rilay goods and gives a discount on all purchases. If you are a fashion designer or fashionista, buying a Battle Pass is definitely beneficial.

Grand Olympiad

The Olympiad period is 14 days and is tied to the conduct of sieges and the appearance of Mammons. Fights are held from Thursday to Sunday from 18:30 to 23:30 server time. Winners receive the status of Hero, Skills and Weapons for 7 days, and Cloak and Aura for 14 days, until the announcement of the next Heroes.
Conditions of participation:
  • Noblesse status is not required
  • Registration is available from level 56, as the season progresses the level will increase
  • Starting points at the beginning of the fighting period - 30
  • Number of points per day (Thursday to Sunday) - 5
  • The maximum number of points you can get for winning - 10
  • To be rewarded for participation you need at least 9 fights, of which at least 1 win
Why participation in the Olympiad is profitable?
  • Rewards for achievements and missions
  • Access to the Olympiad store - top grade shirts, enchanting scrolls and points of fame for PvP insertion
  • Possibility to purchase special accessories, with bonuses similar to epic
The Hero status is claimed by 37 classes, including the Soul Hound (Soul Breaker) of different gender, the Inspector (Judicator), who became a full class and the Terramancer (Dwarf Wizard).

D-grade Weapon with SA

The Soul Crystal (SA) can now be inserted into grade D weapon. Collect the necessary items, talk to the blacksmith in any city and select the effect to improve the weapon.
To insert SA you will need:
  • Top D-grade Weapon
  • Soul Crystal - Level 4
  • D-grade Gemstones - 152 pieces
At the beginning of the season, top D-Grade weapons can be scraped or obtained from the starting set. Purchases of these weapons from traders are made later.

Attribute System

The basic mechanics of the Attribute difference damage calculation corresponds to the High Five chronicles. Summoned creatures receive 70% of the attacking host's Attribute.
If the difference between the attacker’s attribute count is greater than the target’s attribute defense, then:
  • Difference from 50 to 149 attributes - target damage +20%
  • Difference from 150 to 299 attributes - target damage +40%
  • Difference from 300 or more attributes - target damage +70%
Attribute properties can be added to B-Grade and higher weapons, A-Grade armor, and higher:
  • Weapon B-Grade - S84 - 150 / 300 attribute
  • Armor A-Grade - 30 / 60 attribute
  • Armor S-Grade and above - 60 / 120 attribute
  • Cloak of any rank - 30 / 60 attribute
The amount of attribute defense that can be used to reinforce the armor increases as the season develops:
  • Gracia stage - 1 slot in each piece of armor, 2 slots in full armor. Total� 300� /� 600� attribute
  • Gracia+ - 2 slots in each piece of armor, 3 slots in full armor. Total 600 /� 1,200� attribute
  • High Five - 3 slots in each piece of armor, including full armor. Total� 900� /� 1,800� attribute
Skills Protection of Rune, Element, and Balance are taught at level 79 by any class with 3rd profession.

Rare Equipment

Rare equipment has become much more accessible and is mined in 3 ways:
  • Craft of the equipment. With some chance you get a rare item. The chance is higher than in the original game.
  • Monster killing reward. All gear of B-Grade and above falls out of monsters sealed and unidentified. If you open a container with an item, there is a chance to get a rare item. Chance changes depending on the relevance of the equipment.
  • Masterwork spheres. As a reward for killing bosses, you get special spheres that are used to make your equipment rare. Spheres are transferred and can be bought from other players.
The bonuses of some types of equipment have been updated, such as rare necklaces received 1-5% defense from attribute damage and 3-10% defense from Paralysis, and rare earrings have 3-7% defense from Stun and Mental Attacks, including Fear and Silence.


Shirts - accessible and very relevant content. PvP and PvE shirts increase the corresponding defense in percentage, which in later stages of the game can be a big help in character enhancement.
  • D-Grade - +3% PvE / +1% PvP defense
  • C-Grade - +4% PvE / +2% PvP defense
  • B-Grade - +5% PvE / +3% PvP defense
  • A-Grade - +6% PvE / +4% PvP defense
  • S-Grade - +7% PvE / +5% PvP defense
Buy shirts of the current Grade at the Club Manager for Ivory Coin or in the store of the Olympiad.


Cloaks on MasterWork are not just decoration - we have recycled cloaks and made them an important part of the experiment.
  • The cloak can be worn with any set without restrictions
  • You can add any attribute
  • You can add a seal on cloak that increases the basic parameters of CP, HP or MP
The cloaks are bought from the Club Manager for Ivory Coin and custom-made from the NPC Rilay in Giran. Also available to order through the Support Service of the cloak with individual design.


Mounts on MasterWork are not just wolves and striders. Obtain Collector Cards for killing raid bosses of level 35 and above and exchange them at NPC Rilay in Giran for a unique riding pet.
Cards and mounts are divided into types:
  • Common and Uncommon Cards Exchange for any mount from these categories
  • Rare and Legendary Cards are name cards, and are only suitable for shopping on specific mounts.
Cards of different types can be exchanged between each other to collect the right Cards to get the desired pet.

Bonuses from modifications

Modifying weapons of any Grade provides an additional bonus to charge damage.
Armor modifications add extra HP points and parameters depending on armor type and modification level.
Robe Armor Bonuses:
  • Physical and Magical Defense
  • Weight Limit
  • MP Consumption on Magic Skills
  • Resistance to Silence
  • Recharge time of skills
  • Negative Effects Chance
  • Physical Skills Evasion
  • PvP Defense
  • Active Skill "Faith and Steel" (lvl. 4)
  • Active Skill "Soul Cleanse"
Light Armor Bonuses:
  • Magic Defense
  • Evasion
  • Resistance to Elements
  • Speed
  • Recharge time of skills
  • P. Crit. Attack Chance
  • Physical Critical Attack Strength
  • Dodge Magic Skills
  • PvP Defense
  • Active Skill "Faith and Steel" (lvl. 4)
  • Active Skill "Soul Cleanse"
Heavy Armor Bonuses:
  • Physical Defense
  • Accuracy
  • Protection from arrows
  • Vampire Rage Effect (togl)
  • Damage Reflection (togl)
  • MP Regeneration
  • Stun Chance
  • Reflect Magic Chance
  • PvP Defense
  • Active Skill "Faith and Steel" (lvl. 4)
  • Active Skill "Soul Cleanse"
Faith and Steel - Increases P. and M. Defense.
Soul Cleansing - Adds 5% defense from mental attacks. There is a 2% chance to remove one negative effect and increase defense against mental attacks by +30% for 7 seconds.

Life Stones updated skills

The Life Stones have no level, but still have Grade. Skills are divided into levels and work according to the High Five logic, as the level of the character increases, the skill level increases automatically. Attacking and weakening skills are limited in power and level depending on the current update.
  • Might
  • Shield
  • Empower
  • Magical Barrier
  • Focus
  • Wild Magic
  • Heal Power (increases the power when you are healed)
  • Heal Power (increases your healing power)
  • Refresh
  • Reflect
  • All Clarity
  • Skill Clarity
  • Spell Clarity
  • Music Clarity
  • Heal
  • Ritual
  • Resurrect
  • Max. CP
  • Max. HP
  • Max. MP
  • Agility
  • Guidance
  • Vampiric Rage
  • Duel Might
  • Mana Gain

Territory Wars

The first Territory Wars will be held on December 9th. Mid. Company system is also involved in TW, but on the territory of their castles.
The system of Bagde binding to the territory is simplified - now you get the same Badges in reward for any territory fight.
Shop for badges revised and updated:
  • Noblesse Status worth 50 badges instead of 100
  • Giant's Codex - Mastery costs 25 badges instead of 80
  • Grade A and S belts cost 35 badges, instead of 70
The contents of the belt improvement packages have been recycled. Now you can select items of what type you need - pins, wallets, and ornaments are packed with different boxes.
Belts have the possibility of synthesis for combining and enhancing the effects of different types of ornaments.

Achievements and Missions

Getting achievements, you will learn about the peculiarities of the project. For simple tasks, you will receive starting gear and useful items.
The missions will tell you what to do tonight. Monster Hunt, Kill Bosses, Instance Pass - you get an extra reward for every action in the game.
We have completed the reward for the adena quest chain, which starts at level 32 with the Temple Executor assignment. For completing quests, you will receive items from the donate store, and for the last quest - a coupon for a premium account for 7 days.

New Raid Bosses

You’re exping in locations as usual and then once! A scary monster appears from the ground and rushes straight to your group. Greet Anku - no one could cope with it the first time.
Anku is the new event boss that appears in a location when the monster kill counter in it reaches a certain value. The boss is very smart and cunning, standard battle tactics won’t work. For running over Anku, the group will receive masterwork spheres, books for buffslot and various items to improve equipment.
Beleth Kerberos is a new aggressive level 83 raid boss based in the Desert Quarry and the Beleth's Magic Circle. To successfully fight it, players need to learn its behavior and attacks, which have a high Dark attribute. The more players involved, the stronger the boss. For victory over it you will receive valuable items - masterwork spheres, books of protection, essences and other items to improve equipment.
To diversify the gameplay, the Masterwork team redesigned and breathed life into the undeserved raid boss Epidos. The boss appears at the outer gate of the Citadel every evening. The battle with Epidos is two-staged - you must defeat the boss in water and fire forms. Each form has its own skills and mechanics. You will need attention and reaction, the presence of a strong tank and EE in the group increases the chances of winning. When Epidos is surrounded by a large number of players, it ignites the Black Flame of Belef, which greatly increases boss damage. More than 45 attackers strengthen the boss, and in fire form it calls more henchmen, and more than 100 attacking players greatly enhance the boss’s performance.

Redesigned Locations

We have redesigned more than 50 locations in a few seasons, making them more relevant.
The number and quality of changes depends on the features of the original locations. The changes mainly affected:
  • Points and times of respawn
  • Monster Count
  • Location population
  • Added new spots
  • Relevant to AoE farming
  • Relevance for group farming
  • Increase the number of quest monsters
The list of locations where any changes were entered: Abandoned Camp, Dion Hills, Forgotten Temple, Execution Grounds, Langk Lizardmen Dwellings, Maille Lizardmen Barracks, Orc Barracks, Bee Hive, Windy Hill, Land, Grave Waster’s Souls, Plunderous Sky Wagon Plain, War-Torn Plains, Timac Orc Outpost, The Forest of Mirrors, War-Torn Cemetery, Cemetery, Forbidden Gateway, Dragon Orc Outpost, Devil’s Isle, Pavel Gosruins, Archaic Laboratory, Devil’s Pass, Forbidden Forest, Ancient Battleaw Forest, Swamp, Ancient Forest, Forest, Forest, Ancient Tower of Insolence, Stakato Nest, Hot Springs, Mithril Mines, Den of Evil, Desert Quarry, Beleth Magic Circle, Ancient Temple Remains, Phantasmal Ridge, Wounded Land, Anomic Foundry, Plains of Lizmen, Of Whispers, Phantasmal Field, Crypts of Disgrace, Forge of Gods, Monastery Of Silence.

Training Olympiad

No desire to participate in the cyber-sports olympiad, but you want to test your strength in the arenas of the Olympiad? For this purpose, Training Olympiad is created - here you can show your level of play. These fights do not affect the rating of the main Olympiad, and get the status of Hero for training will not work.
Registration for the training Olympiad takes place at the NPC Antonius Proximo, who stands near the Olympiad collumn in Gludin and in all the start villages. Training Olympiad is available on days when no Grand Olympiad battles are held, the arena is open from 00:30 to 20:30 server time. The minimum number of participants to start a wave of fights 1 on 1 - from 8 players. There is no limit for fights.
For participating in the Training Olympiad, you will receive Proximo Coins, which you can spend at Antonius on various souvenirs, unique decorations, visuals and consumables for your character. In the future, the range of the store will be expanded.


Important information, latest news and a lot of interesting things in the channel SaferoStreamInfo!

New Bonuses of Armor Sets

New sets of Grades D and C have been added. Bonuses for Grades B and A armor sets have been updated, for example:
  • Avadon Sets - Resists to mental debuffs +30% and more
  • Zubei Sets - Paralysis Resistance +30% and more
  • Blue Wolf Sets - Resist to Stun +30% and Others
  • Doom Sets - Sleep Resist, Hold +30% and more
  • Tallum Set (light) - Resists to mental debuffs +30%, Casting speed +15%
  • Tallum Set (Robe) - Resists to mental debuffs +30%, Movement Speed +7
  • Nightmare Set (Robe) - Casting Speed +10%
A full description of the updated sets can be found on our Wikipedia.

S80+ Armor Update

The S80+ armor sets have been upgraded. Now you can improve the set by enchanting on Attack or Defense, which will give the bonus from the full set of additional options.
To improve your armor you will need new items:
  • Moirai - Essence of S80-Grade. Getting of Essence is available when going on a quest on Hellbound.
  • Vesper - Vesper Noble Stone. It is mined in the Dragon Valley and the Earth Dragon' Lair.
  • Vorpal - Bloody Tear or Scalding Tear. Mined in Earth Dragon' Lair and Seed of Annihilation respectively.
See our Wikipedia for a detailed description of your enchanting bonuses.

Hellbound Update

Locations of the Hellbound received qualitative updates - restored the efficiency and population of individual locations, added new quests.
In the Hidden Oasis is made a simplified quest Certificate of the Main / Elite Caravan at the NPC Falk. After completing the quest, the player has access to purchase parts, recipes, and Dynasty Essence.
The Desert Quarry is a forgotten and unpopular place in the original game. On MasterWork it is an improved locale for exping with new mechanics to increase the number of monsters.
The Anomic Foundry is an unprocessed location where healers are exping alone. Our developers have studied the code and restored the intended mechanics. It is now an up-to-date and complex location, suitable for exping both in the group and solo using undead skills. Banish Undead and Turn Undead are effective against local monsters when upgraded to +17...+21. In the location added a quest for the parts and recipes of Icarus Weapons and Moirai Armor (S80).

Dwarven Earth Wizard

The new Geomancer class is in game!
Our team constantly implements new interesting mechanics expanding the content of the game. The new class easily fits into the game in all its components, does not introduce an obvious imbalance and is equal to other wizards in possibilities.
The gameplay of this class is similar to that of the Archmage and the Mystic Muse. Geomancer is sufficiently protected and able to recover good health, has a number of unique skills that weaken the opponent over time. A full description of the attributes is available on our Wikipedia.

The unique appearance of your character

On MasterWork servers, we are in touch with beauty. And this is expressed not only in UI design, but also in creating a unique style of your character. Tired of running in Dark Crystal? Wolf is not a worthy company of your SE? Do not like shoulders in Blue Wolf Heavy on your Elf, but the bonuses are too good? You have a way out! Customizing your character, namely:
  • Costumes. Our costumes work as a style over your equipment, i.e. do not replace it. Getting bonuses from your set, you will also look good. We also have legendary costumes that, in addition to your armor, replace the visual of your cloak and weapon!
  • Pets. Tired of looking at a mad kookaburra or a huge wolf? Replace their visual appearance without losing functionality.
  • Agathions. Unpopular, but well-known companion. Few people use it. And in vain! Among them there are also beautiful companions. They also have the property of autoloote. Do not miss the opportunity!
  • Accessories. For every taste and color. Complement your style with a crown or glasses, baseball cap or wizard’s hat.
Everything is in your hands!

New SA Effects

Getting Soul Crystals became easier. The number of bosses on which you can raise the level of the Crystal has been increased, and with each update the chances of successfully exping increase and higher levels of Crystals become available.

The Luxor Shop sells Crystals of 4-10 levels. It is possible to exchange Crystals of higher levels (change color).

Many unused Soul Crystals effects have been updated, for example: